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Soul Kitty 6 is a cover band playing all your favorite classic and modern rock.  We love to play the rock that makes you get up and dance!  We play regularly in bars and taverns in the Woodbridge, Stafford, and Fredericksburg, Virginia areas. 

Soul Kitty 6 was originally formed in 2001 by Steve Houck and Lainey Morris.  The band cut its teeth in the Northern Virginia bar scene and has had several membership changes in its 13-year history, and a few name changes as well.  Previously known as Familiar Faces, the band took the opportunity to return to its original name, Soul Kitty 6, with its new lineup.

Lainey is the lead singer.  Her soulful singing has been compared to Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks, and she brings a range like no other.  Steve is the drummer and the heartbeat of the band.  He also provides background vocals and, if asked nicely, may sing a song or add a rap as well.  Erik Weaver plays lead and acoustic guitars and also provides vocals.  Doug McDaniel joined the band in 2014 and provides rhythm guitar and vocals.  Shahin Sharifi recently joined the band in the spring of 2017.  He plays bass and provides vocals. 

Soul Kitty 6 has gone through many changes -- the death of members, the birth of children, and band mates gained and lost.  What hasn't changed is the band's dedication to playing good music and having a great time.  Soul Kitty 6 has a large song repertoire to draw from and can play everything from classic rock and blues to 80's pop to current pop/rock hits.  If you're looking for high-energy rock & roll and a good time, this is your band!

Want us to play at your place?  Please contact us at CONTACT SOUL KITTY 6.